Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dining Room Before

This is the dining room in it's "before" state. Quaint original windows. Quaint corner china cabinets. The one you can see a sliver of in this photo is probably original. The other one (see below) is an almost-matching 50's duplicate.

Here's the other china cabinet. It's a little more knotty-pine than its mate which is more prim and antique-feeling. But they're a pretty good match. I think it's SO cute how "Grandpa" worked so hard to try to make it match so "Grandma" could have a pair! Must be the good life to be so prosperous and to need TWO china cabinets!

To the right is the living room. Through the doorway to the left is the little hallway between the bedroom and the full bath.

Below is the empty corner of the dining room. (To orient you: the kitchen is to the left, the hallway and full bath are to the right). In the very corner of this corner is this weird boxed-in area that I think contained/concealed the original stove pipe. I'm guessing that one section of it went into the kitchen for the cooking stove and the other came into the dining room where the stove used for heating might have been. Just guessing.

The boxed-in area generates much curiosity. Everyone wants to open it up (the front panel comes off easily) and see what's in there! Because of this, it would NOT be a good place to store Playboys or contraband! It is also not suitable as a hiding place during hide-and-seek games unless you are an infant or a broomstick.

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