Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On a Pedestal

We have a wonderful cabin on Lake Tenkiller in eastern Oklahoma:

I've been fixing it up for years.  We added on a bedroom, bathroom, laundryroom, and two decks (the one story part to the right and everything with a deck railing) several years ago.  But we rarely get to go there. 

Last weekend we went to there to put new locks on the doors and to put a few fishing lines in the water.  The result was a vow to use the cabin more and to get it finished enough that others can use it as well (if you want to use it, just ask!).  It has two bathrooms, three bedrooms plus a big enclosed sleeping "porch" (the front half of the upstairs where all those windows are) that sleeps 9 kids.  When I get everything to where it's supposed to be, the house will sleep 18!

So I'm all cabin-on-the-brain this week. 

As I drive around town, my eye habitually monitors all lumps on curbs -- I usually spot them from a block or more away.  It's just the way I am to my core. 

Yesterday, I found this:

It turns out that my very nice, new, caddy-corner backdoor neighbors are having to remodel a bathroom to accomodate a disability and this sink didn't fit in with their needs.  

It just so happens that this is the exact $377 (+ tax) Kohler pedestal sink that I've adored for years. 

It also happens that, at the cabin, I have this:

The sad little bathroom with the dinky vanity and the marbelized plastic (yes, PLASTIC!) tiles.

There IS one problem with the new sink:

There is a piece broken off of the base.  I am completely unconcerned about this.  Epoxy will rejoin the two pieces and I could care less if there's a crack visible in the base.  Most of my possessions have a crack or a chip or a ding or some other imperfection (for that matter, I have a few of those myself).  I would much rather have free imperfection than expensive perfection.

I can't wait to upgrade this room with the new sink!

Now, to find (for free on the curb, of course!) the clawfoot tub that I have dreamed of for the other side of the bathroom.  Keep your eyes peeled for me!

And now I'm looking forward to doing a blog series on the cabin.


  1. very nice. sad thing is that they probably did that to this beautiful sink taking it out. Still, I agree a crack would not be that big a deal. B.

  2. They said they had a hard time getting it unbolted from the floor so I think it was purely accidental and not negligent.