Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Booth Envy

On Friday, as my previous post described, we found this gorgeous dining table on the curb:

On Saturday, Mark and I went garage sale-ing where I got this: 

It cracks me up!

Then we hit the "cash and carry" sale at the Salvation Army where I spent $8 on this chair:

Mark and I now having a running debate over whether it's cool or ugly.

Then we went to Prairie Grove where I fell in love with THIS:

Which the main character in my book will wear and which I will borrow from her frequently if I go back and actually buy it.

I also got all inspired/intimidated by all the wonderful flea market booths like these:

On Sunday Mark talked me into renting our THIRD booth (at Southtown Flea Market next to the Salvation Army on 15th Street) -- shown here BEFORE they cleared it out for our stuff. 

This is where the table and chair pictured above now reside.

On Monday I got my largest check ever from booth #1.  Which is encouraging.

Now it's Tuesday and I'm still not sure if booth #3 is a good thing or a bad thing.  I do know that there is still stuff this in the garage:

and this in the front hall:

And there's more that won't fit in the booths at the moment and stuff is always finding us -- so I think keeping the booths supplied won't be a problem. 

If only the booth decor fairy will grant me inspiration I might be a bit less panicked!  Or maybe it could all just sell before I get to prettifying it?

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