Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee Can Basket

This is one of my favorite things!  I adore it for it's vintage rusticity and it's freesourcefullness!  This basket is made of and old metal coffee can painted red and interwoven with wicker. To me, it has the same aesthetic as tramp art (if you're familiar with that).

I have been very tempted to try to recreate it but I don't relish the thought of taking tin snips to a coffee can and having to do all that cutting at the awkward angle that would be necessary.  Maybe someday I'll either work up the energy or think up a better method! 

In the meantime, I will just simply enjoy that someone put the necessary effort and creativity into this one!

And I will put it where I can look at it all the time and sit back and wish I was that clever!

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