Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'M BACK! And Continuing Past Projects...

What a blessing it is to have the time to revive my blog!  A huge "THANK YOU!" goes out to the heavens and to any benevolent forces that have brought me to where I am.  Yay.

Ok, so... Where were we?

Red cabinet!  Right!

I decided on a color for the back -- turquoise, painted up some bead board with a wonderful shade called "Seaside Resort" that I got for FREE, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the result.

The two bins at the bottom are plastic dog food bins that I made burlap covers for.  They hold recycling. I wish the lids were the same color.  One of these days, I'll dig out the plastic paint and paint the red one white.  But not today.

I just adore glass jars all lined up in rows and labelled.

More jars. 

I like having my measuring cups and spoons handy and visible without having to fish in a drawer or them.  And I'm in love with these vintage-looking honey jars from Boykin Apiaries in Mountainburg, Arkansas.  So very 1930's -- my new favorite decade!

Fancy, expensive organic spice jars.  I peeled off the labels and refill them.  I'm especially fond of having toothpicks in a jar instead of in a box that always seems to lose its shape and come apart and gather crumbs in the process.
I loved the turquoise color so much that I painted the French doors to match.  And then I made burlap curtains.  The texture just really adds something and they're lined so they really keep in a lot of heat when I keep them closed on cold days.  That's Wishy (short for Wishbone) on the table.  There is at least one cat on the table at all times except during meals. 

Above is a shelf containing my beloved thermos collection.  My thermos rule was they had to be priced under $1.  That's the only thing that kept the collection from getting completely out of hand - which it kinda did anyway. 
The fabric celebration banner is the first of many which I will be selling soon.  I see these banners all over the place (especially in flea markets) but, for some reason, they are rarely for sale -- so I intend to fix the availability issue for others. 

The red and turquoise go together so well that I wanted more red near the turquoise doors.  This shelf thingy was some sort of old office container.  I found it one the curb, sprayed it red, and VOILA! it's the perfect place for my old-and-not-so-old camera collection.  An old red metal retail "clip strip" holds family photos.  More red and turquoise tie into the color scheme via the Coca Cola and Fiesta pieces on the shelves.

Ok, now, before I obsess on how not-fabulous my photos are, I'm going to post this! 

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