Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hot Pink!

I think I can manage brevity on this post (for a change)!

I found this at the thrift store yesterday.  I didn't buy it because it's still $40 but I'm hoping it's ugly factor will keep it there long enough for the price to drop to $20 or less.  

Isn't it UG-LY?  I love it when something is so hideous that other people don't even give it a second thought/look but I have a vision for it and can clearly see what it COULD look like.

Why can't I just be still when I'm taking photos so they won't be blurry?  Argh!

I have had THIS wonderful hot pink cabinet in my mind for months and have been looking for a piece that would go well with this unusual color.  I think the above cabinet might be the piece.

Makes me want to devote a whole room to a new decor inspired by this piece!

This piece is also proof that just the right shade of a color can make even the most outrageous color choice come out looking all gorgeous and delicious!

This particular strange and risky color choice on this cabinet has gotten a gajillion "likes" on the Trash To Treasure Facebook Page so I think that is a good endorsement.  It's a fun page.  Check it out if you have a minute.  The best way to enjoy it is to just scroll through the photos rather than reading the posts.  I also love that some of the projects posted are HIDEOUS.  Which makes me feel like I can do a whole lot better!

Not sure if I'll ever really get to do this project but I am enjoying the thought of it today!  


  1. bahahahaa! I had my eye on that too! I was thinking mosaic in the inset door section. But the bottom drawer....ugh!


    It's ON, Girl!

  2. Mosaic would look great in there! Go for it! I doubt it will come down to my price. That and I really shouldn't start any more projects until I dig out from the ones I already have!