Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Color Called "Faith"

I sure wish I was good at remembering to take those side-of-the-road "before" pictures!  Instead, you get the blurry oops-we-almost-forgot-to-take-a-before-picture-but-snapped-one-almost-too-late photo.  Oh well!  If you can't make it out, picture worn dark brown paint, mouse bedding and droppings in the drawers, a missing drawer knob, and a mirror harp that came in four pieces.  Blessedly, the mirror was intact!

I gathered up about 20 cans of free paint on the kitchen table and then pulled out about six that seemed the most willing to lend themselves to "robin's egg blue".  Two partial quarts of white, two partial quarts of different blues, and a sample-size jar of brown.  Then I tried not to second-guess it too much and just dumped them all in together.  Thus, we call this shade "Faith" because I just had to trust that it would turn out to be the right color!  I kinda prefer to have God choose my colors for me.  Left up to my own devices and indecision, I can take MONTHS to choose one of those microscopic little paint chips.  New method: dump, stir, and paint!  No thinking allowed!  It turned out to be the color it's "supposed" to be!

We DID break down and spent $16.31 on reproduction glass knobs because "Faith" just HAD to have the right knobs!  But everything else was free.

Here's the after photo of "Faith" in my flea market booth (price tag: $130):

Ok, I'm going to use my birthday money to get a new camera TODAY!  I promise.

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