Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Next Best Thing to Free!

No, I didn't get these beds for free.  But I DID get them for just 50 cents each which is the next best thing to free, isn't it?  Actually, it's almost better than free because such a low price is an amazing victory!  Who would bother to SELL a bed for 50 cents?

I love cheap, UGLY stuff.  The uglier the better!  I love to have a hideous before picture because that just makes the after picture so much more satisfying!

This twin headboard wasn't so bad before.  It was just boring.

So I painted it with (free) shiny, bright red paint.  

It can be used in it's red form or there is an removable and reversible insert that has pages from a vintage encyclopedia on one side...

and vintage colored maps with some really great colors from the same encyclopedia on the other side.  I can see some little boy learning lots of geography and general knowledge information (all beginning with the letter "A" since that's the book of the encyclopedia the pages came from!) from studying his headboard when he's supposed to be sleeping!  There just HAS to be a globe on the night stand next to this bed!

The second fifty cent project was a really ugly 60's era headboard and footboard.

These were painted with (free) split pea green paint.

This is not my style and not my era because I am old enough to have lived through it, but I hope some twenty-something person will think it is really cool retro!

Next, I am eyeing a vintage desk that will be $12.50 if it's still there on Thursday.

It has a broken drawer, a gash in the back, and a heavily worn (or should I say "beaten"?) surface but I have a vision for it! 

The really neat thing is that my projects always turn out to look exactly like my visions!

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