Monday, October 17, 2011

Copy Kitty

I "pinned" this photo on Pinterest ( because I loved the use of a silver tray on a easel as a backdrop for a picture.  

When I spent some more time looking at this photo, I realized it was almost as if it had been taken in my house!  Even the wall color is almost the same.  Here's the same view of my kitchen sink:

I even have the picnic baskets on top of the cabinets.  Except I have MORE.  So I win!  Right?
Just for fun, I decided to recreate the photo in my own space. 

Here is the original again.

And this is my replica.  I all need now is better lighting, a white diswasher, and a matchstick blind!

The point of this is that sometimes, despite all the dreamy magazine kitchens out there, I realize that I really do like what I already have (and, actually, I like it both ways).  And also, given the proper paramenters, it is perfectly ok to (and even advisable!) to COPY AWAY!

The happy side effect of this project/post is that it sent me into a complete OCD attack on my kitchen!  Now even the extra Taco Bell hot sauce packets have their own little cubicle in the drawer organizer.  The jars are all labelled.  And the whole cabinet to the left of the sink (over the coffee maker) is a now a coffee station. 



  1. A spot where you frequently use a large, open quantity of water (that you stick your hands in) is NOT a good place for a lamp.

    As a matter of fact I'd be remiss if I didn't beg you to remove that immediately.

  2. It's on a GFI outlet so I probably won't die. Thanks for your concern!