Friday, June 24, 2011

A Brilliant Find and A Bright Idea

Recently I saw this cool room in Do It Yourself Magazine (Winter 2010 issue):

Looking closer, I noticed this really fun use of vintage light bulbs (under the coffee table) and made a mental note to self: "look for vintage light bulbs":

Last weekend, Mark and I were dumpser diving and found this (I realize now that it looks like a dinky chandalier bulb in the photo but it's about 8 inches tall):

Can you believe it wasn't broken?

On the internet, similar large light bulbs sell for $59!

Also on the internet, I found this:

These vintage light bulbs sell for $75-$150 (non-working) when mounted on wood blocks!  I could do that easy -- a little free wood, a little stain, drill a hole -- EASY!  But I'm not particularly inclined to sell.

I found this little ceramic cup I had laying around from another junking expedition and it fits perfectly and makes the perfect stand!

I also have a ceramic light socket around here somewhere.  And a clear, regular-sized incandescent light bulb could probably be found around the house.  That means I'm about to have a replica of the magazine picture.  And, if three makes a "collection", I'm only one short of a collection.  I think this is the path by which I get into trouble with collections...

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