Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cut and Paste

I come by my passion for writing honestly.  It's in my genes.  My birthmother is an incredible writer.  She is also a teacher of journaling and memoir-writing.  She has a gift for coaxing the stories out of others.  I've been very, very blessed to have her in my life for the last 26 years after not knowing anything about her for my first 19 years!  She is amazing!  She is my fairy-godmother!

She has a favorite activity that she weaves in with her writing: cut and paste!  I think this was a favorite childhood passtime for her but she still loves it today.  She cuts pictures from magazines and pastes them into journal books.  Often she writes and draws things to go with them.    I can't really do her cut-and-paste creativity justice in trying to describe it!  She is amazingly creative.  I am fascinated with her medium! 

I think she might like this bathroom that I stumbled on recently while showing houses!  Someone really brave and creative must live here! 

There is a scene in that wonderful movie Fried Green Tomatoes where the elderly Idgie (played by Jessica Tandy) glues picture of roses to the walls of her room in the nursing home because she can't have a real rose garden. 

Emily and I once cut out pictures of flowers and made a wall-paper border.  We never hung it up.  We should have.  Maybe we will!  Maybe we should do the whole room!

What sorts of pictures would you cut out and paste all over your wall?  I'm thinking it would be fun to do all clocks!

Now that I've spotlighted her I realize that I owe someone a LONG phone call!

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